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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions.  By making a purchase and/or submitting an order, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

“Purchasers” of CheapChurchWebsites.com are considered “subscribers.”  Subscribers do not have any claim of ownership of the website or corresponding graphics.  The website is “leased” to the subscriber and is the property of CheapChurchWebsites.com.

Failure to make a monthly payment will result in the suspension or removal of the website.  A $20 late fee may be added to any account more than 3 days overdue.  If a payment is late and no arrangements are made to update billing, CheapChurchWebsites.com has the right to remove the site.  If the site is removed as a result of failure to make a payment, CheapChurchWebsites.com is not responsible for any lost content.  If a payment is not received within 30 days, the site will be permanently removed from the server.  At this point, if the subscriber would like to reinstate their membership, it may be necessary to start fresh and rebuild the site, and pay the initial set up fee again.  If a subscriber decides to cancel their membership, the site (including the domain name) and all content remains the property of CheapChurchWebsites.com. Individual components like the domain name may be purchased from CheapChurchWebsites.com at a determined price.

CheapChurchWebsites.com does not currently require a contract.  By submitting an order, the user is agreeing to be charged the ongoing monthly fee unless written notice is sent to info@cheapchurchwebsites.com.  Subscribers are free to cancel their membership at any time.  No refund will be given for previous months’ payments, or for the set up fee.  If the subscriber chooses to cancel, no additional monthly payments will be withdrawn, however all money paid, including the set up fee and all previous monthly payments, will not be refunded.  If the subscriber wishes to cancel service, notice must be submitted in writing to info@cheapchurchwebsites.com.  At this point, cancellation will be effective immediately and no further charges will be made.  No cancellations will be accepted over the phone or any other means.  You are fully responsible for all monthly fees accrued until a cancellation request is sent and received at info@cheapchurchwebsites.com.  This applies regardless of whether you used your website or not.

The subscriber’s site will be hosted on CheapChurchWebsite.com’s servers.  An unlimited amount of storage will be automatically provided to each subscriber.  We do reserve the right to limit the hosting at the discretion of CheapChurchWebsites.com.

The site will be initially setup with all the necessary components to operate your church site.  It will be the purchaser’s sole responsibility to arrange the site to their specifications as well as adding the site content.

Further updates and changes to the site will be the responsibility of the subscriber.  This includes any changes to the text or pictures on the site, as well as the structure of the page and positioning all components.

Video and text instructions will be provided to assist the subscriber in making changes to their site.  This guide will make it fairly simple for the average computer user to make the necessary changes and upgrades to the site.

Any technical or billing support questions and comments should be submitted to info@cheapchurchwebsites.com.  We will respond in a timely manner to questions in the order they are received.